Red Apple Lipstick – review of a product well overdue

I have to appologize to Jay Harper first hand of Red Apple Lipstick who sent me his products to test over a year ago. Due to family issues and an overwhelming work schedule, I reviewed his product and continue to use it but forgot to upload it. This is a gross error on my part and one I would like to remedy immediately.

First, over a year ago, in 2012, I contacted Red Apple Lipstick for a sample of their products and they promptly replied and sent me samples of Plum Sexy Crazy, Berry Blast, Rebel, and Red. I also received a sample of lip glosses including Metropolis and other shades that I passed on to my friend who also reviews Eco-friendly vegan products.

Now, sadly, I will compare their products to MAC. Not sad for Red Apple however, but sad for MAC! (I must explain that before MAC betrayed the public by testing on animals, I was sold on their products.)

Red Apple Lipstick’s shade of RED is as striking and not too orange, not too pink as MAC’s Russian Red ever was. The best part of Red Apple’s product as compared to MAC (besides not being testing on our favorite little animals) is the ability to layer the effect. When I received their product, I promptly brought it to Tres Belle in Brooklyn and shared it with my friend Allison and her staff. We all agreed that Red Apple allows you to layer their lipstick and create a subtle to intense red depending on your mood or the time of day. In addition, each shade we sampled adapted to our skin tones (I have an very light olive complexion, my friend very pale pink/blue, and her employee very dark olive). Each shade came out a distinct color that complemented our skin tone. In addition, the colors felt light but not sticky like a gloss but looked like a heavily applied lipstick.

Each color worked either for work (lighter during the day) or applied in layers (night) when I love to wear heavy, dark, dramatic colors.

Now for the “perfect red lipstick.” Every woman is hunting for the perfect red lipstick and can pay over $20 for it. Red Apple sells the best red lipstick I have found (aside from MAC that tests of animals now) that adapts to the underlying color of your skin and creates the perfect shade of red for not only your lips but your underlying skin tone as well.

Not sure you want to commit? Check out their sampler pack HERE!

Want to know what is in their makeup? Look HERE. I know plenty of people who read this blog are allergic to ingredients other than gluten and dairy.

Their website clearly explains why gluten exposure on a dermal level is important. This level of caution is not for everyone, but I see noticeable differences in my skin and hair when using gluten-free products.

“We all know about the gluten free diet.  Those who live with Celiac have become serious Gluten Finder-Outers, scanning long lists of ingredients, calling companies and standing firm on the need to live completely and utterly without gluten in their diet.

But what about gluten from other sources?  Have you ever thought about getting it from your makeup?

It’s true:  Gluten in cosmetics is extremely common.  Wheat acts as a source of vitamin E, a stickiness/holding agent, while Oats are used for skin refinement and nourishment.  It can hide in dozens of complicatedly named ingredients, can contaminate even “naturally” gluten free products and is accepted as a normal ingredient for every type of cosmetic, skincare, hair care and everything else.  It is everywhere you look, if you take the time.

Now, gluten molecules cannot penetrate the skin as far as we scientifically know, but some products such as lipstick are actually on, in or around our mouths at all times.  At some point or another, it’s going into our bodies.

Not only that, but many Celiacs- diagnosed as having the autoimmune disease and notallergic -have inexplicable trouble with gluten when it comes in contact with their skin, causing what would be medically classified as “allergy” symptoms.  Such as terrible rashes, eczema, dry and itching eyes, swelling, bleeding sores and more.  As always with Celiac, the exact symptoms vary from person to person.

We do not know why Celiacs have issues with topical gluten.  In fact, some doctors flat out deny the possibility.  Others, such as Dr. Rodney Ford, simply follow the evidence they see in their practices- which is that some Celiacs do have reactions.  Perhaps someday studies will be done that can explain it for us and solve the puzzle.  But for now, a quick look into the Celiac community is proof enough.  Hundreds of Celiacs have removed gluten from their skincare, hair care and cosmetics and found their acne melted away after a few days, their watery eyes cleared up, or their inexplicable and seemingly random headaches vanished.

But even if a Celiac does not have reactions to topical gluten, allowing it to stay in cosmetics is asking for trouble.  Every time you apply foundation, don’t let it touch your mouth!  When you scrunch styling gel into your hair, wash those hands and wash ‘em GOOD before you eat those hot wings.  And lipstick?  Pfft, forget it!  It’s over and done with pretty much the instant you put it on.

If gluten is in your lipstick, it’s game over- you’ve been glutened.

Sadly, very few companies truly realize the importance of gluten free makeup.  They understand that it’s a market and they want to cash in on those desperate to find safe cosmetics.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn a profit!!  But so many companies are quick to claim the “gluten free” label without really understanding what that means.  For Celiacs, this is not an issue to be trifled with, especially in the case of products that will certainly be ingested (such as lipstick).  This is real and this is dangerous.

If you are Celiac, gluten free cosmetics are a must, especially in the case of lipstick and similar products.  Lucky for us that Red Apple Lipstick is TESTED gluten free, huh?” –

Whether you decide to convert to a lifestyle that includes gluten-free makeup, Red Apple Lipstick can be included in a cruelty-free, gluten-free, hand selected, safe ingredients, paraben free, non-toxic, no petroleum, no animal bits, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no corn, no harsh chemicals no GMO’s, small batches with stringent storage and handling procedures, and everything you imagine your makeup to be handled by, please select Red Apple as your makeup product (at least for that perfect red lipstick you have been dying for).

Toxic Graph - from Red Apple Lipstick

Toxic Graph – from Red Apple Lipstick

In addition to all these amazing benefits I have listed, there are more! Yes, more!


Trusted Safety

Red Apple is a gluten free makeup company! We started life catering to those who care about the quality of cosmetic ingredients, and how they relate to your health. All products are lab tested, batch tested, and stored like gold in Fort Knox!


Awesome Sheens & Finishes

All Red Apple Lipsticks, Glosses and Shadows are made to truly shine! Each one has its own unique sheen and finish, one so awesome, people stop and ask, “What Is It?!”


Moisturizes While You Wear It

All Red Apple Lipsticks, Glosses and Balm are loaded with an all natural, but gluten free source of Vitamin E. This lipstick literally moisturizes while you wear it!


Can Be Worn Sheer or Full Bodied

Red Apple Lipsticks start with a natural mineral base. This unique property allows the lipstick or gloss to be applied sheer with light application. Add a layer or two more, and the color will blossom to exactly the color YOU want.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that shopping online for makeup can be tough. We also know that “pressure” is no fun!! To help things convenient for you, every product is covered by a 100% money back guarantee!


Blend Lipsticks To Make Custom Colors

All Red Apple Lipsticks and Glosses are designed to be combined. Blend two lipsticks to create a new color, or blend with a gloss. Imagine always having the perfect color with only a handful of products!


Tastes And Smells Nice

Red Apple Lipsticks are designed to be a pleasant experience. No yucky chemical smells, no unnatural parfumes, no chemicals, but instead, a light pleasant smell and taste.


Great Looks, Get Compliments

Your everyday beauty enhanced! We truly desire that you feel great, feel confident, and feel beautiful every day of your life, naturally!


Stops “Celiac Chapped” Lips

The effects of gluten on your body are widespread, but we know one negative effect of gluten is dry, flaky, painful lips. All Red Apple Lip Products are designed specifically to end “Celiac Chap” once and for all!


Great Offers & Great Customer Service

We know that you love great offers, great deals, great combos of makeup , and to be treated like the wonderful girl that you are. That’s exactly how we are going to treat you. Become a member of our VIP club for even more special offers.


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