Home made Febreze – it’s cheap and easy

I am swearing off Oust and Febreze for now for multiple reasons: the ridiculous cost and the crazy chemicals. So I have gone on a mission to find something more earth friendly. I am now attempting to make my own.

Homemade Febreze

What you will need:

1 – 8 oz bottle (preferably the kind that has a perfume type pump and not a spray bottle)
1 – vial of scented oil (your favorite scented oil or a mixture)
1/4  tablespoon rubbing alcohol
1/4 cup of natural fabric softener
Distilled water


Add rubbing alcohol to the spray bottle. Add 50-100 drops (I used 70) of scented oil depending on how strong you want your “febreze.” Shake until the alcohol has broken down the oil. Let sit 5 minutes and shake again. Add fabric softener and fill with distilled water. Shake well. Shake each time before using. Some oil separation is normal.

The bottle of oil costs $5 and will probably make about 20-30 batches. The rubbing alcohol costs $3 for the bottle at CVS and it barely uses any. The fabric softener is a little expensive but it’s something I normally have at home. Distilled water is $2 a gallon. Total cost per 8 oz bottle: 70-80 cents a batch.


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