Witches Brew – Who knew?

This Sunday, I decided to work outside of my house because I was going stir crazy and brought my roommate with me for his sanity as well. We decided to go for coffee at Witches Brew in West Hempstead and have a change of scenery.

No one told me how weird (in a good way) this place was. Since this is a gluten-free blog, let’s address the gluten free aspect of it. There were cookies (separated from the regular cookies in jars) and baked pies (also separated), there was Tofutti in multiple flavors, tater tots, chips and salsa and more. We had a server who was super attentive and checked on everything I was interested in personally and actually cared to make sure I got everything I wanted gluten free. He explained that many of the employees are vegan and some are gluten free; the owner is also vegan.

I had the gluten free, vegan apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with chai tea. I haven’t had apple pie or crisp in 9 years and this did not disappoint. It was exactly the amazing goodness I remember it to taste like. I have never tasted a gluten free version of baked goods that was so perfectly a replica of how I remember the gluten version to be. This was a PERFECT 10!!!!

The perfection of the food and the sheer amount of choices available along with the attentive, kind, gracious staff makes this my new favorite coffee/tea shop.

Witches Brew
311 Hempstead Tpke
West Hempstead, NY 11552


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