A Vegan and a Celiac break “bread” in Brooklyn – A review of Rucola

I cannot explain how hard it is for me and my best Brooklyn vegan Allison, the owner of Tres Belle Spa, to eat together. Allison is vegan; I have Celiac disease. Finding a wheat free, dairy free, meat free place to eat is ridiculous. So when we decided to snack at Rucola, located at 190 Dean St (corner of Bond St), Boerum Hill Brooklyn off of Atlantic Ave., we went for the green beans. I heard they were legendary! We were sad to find out that they were not available (this restaurant prides itself on local and seasonal veggies) but there were many great other veggies to try. We explained each of our food restrictions and every accommodation was made to feed us.

It would be difficult to say try the “sloppy joe” without bread for the celiac or the fusilli skip the cheese for a vegan because their menu is always changing weekly if not quicker. I can however say there is no such thing as bad food there. The brussel sprouts, “breadless” sloppy job, the pan roasted chicken, all of it has been amazing and Allison agrees with the pasta dishes she has eaten there as well as the veggies. As a hater of the brussel sprout, I was blown away and almost order seconds!

If it couldn’t get any better, the wait staff at Rucola is quirky, funny and 100% original. They have excellent customer service and attention to detail and make dining a delight. I highly recommend eating at this restaurant if you are vegan, Celiac, vegetarian, or just love good local, seasonal and healthy food. It’s easier to get a table earlier so come around 5 or 6 if you don’t want to wait; by 7pm people are out the door and standing at the bar.


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