Shake Shack New York, NY – Yes, they have gluten-free

I have been hearing rave reviews of Shake Shack for over a year now: their burgers are to die for, their shakes are amazing, their fries are incredible, and on and on and on. I, being gluten-free, have learned the pleasure of a cheeseburger/hamburger without the bun and I embrace the non-carbohydrate cheeseburger for the juicy goodness of the meat, cheese and of course the toppings; my favorites are sauteed onions and mushrooms. It was with great joy that I found myself walking past Shake Shack in Midtown on my way to see the Deftones at the Best Buy (formerly Nokia) theatre. I swore to myself if the show let out in time, I would go. All of my friends were game as well.

The show was, of course, incredible and we hauled ass over to Shake Shack and stood in a line that wrapped around the inside of the establishment and well out the door. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! The line moves fast and the food is definitely worth it. The seating situation is tough in this restaurant so we sent one of our party in the seating area to wait and stalk a free table. I encourage you do the same otherwise you will be standing and eating if it is anywhere near a peak time to eat.

When it was time for me to order, I clearly informed the person taking my order of my gluten allergy expecting a less than trained staff. The person was very cheerful and asked if I knew what I liked that was gluten-free or if I needed help choosing options. I picked a bunless burger, fries, and a peanut butter shake. I have a pretty severe gluten allergy due to Celiac but I won’t drop dead on the spot and start convulsing if there is a miniscule unmeasurable amount in my oil that my fries are cooked in. Shake Shake warns on their gluten free menu which I am reposting here… “The fries are gluten-free, but if you have severe reactions to trace amounts of gluten, it might be best to skip the fries. See, our fryers prepare the ‘Shrooms in separate oil, but each night the oils get filtered through the same equipment.” All shakes are gluten free if not malted as well and the custards are generally safe but this establishment urges you to check with your server; some toppings are not gluten free but they list the safe ones on their GF menu.

Love is not a strong enough word for the burgers, fries, and shakes at this place. This was probably one of the best PB milk shakes I have ever had. The fries were like crack. You MUST eat here at least once.


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