Celiac and Psoriasis

Ok, so Psoriasis is seriously gross. I know, I have it. But you would never know. I manage it well.

It is well documented the Celiac and Psoriasis go hand in hand. All you have to do is Google it to find out. Most people say you eat gluten-free you get better. Yeah, it gets better but sometimes it flares up and its embarrassing. I have come up with some sweet tricks and tested a lot of meds over the years and these are my findings.

1. The Sun is Good for You. Psoriasis is generally worse in the winter. That’s because you get less sunlight in the winter. UV light helps. Try and get a little sun each day. If you can’t, try UV light therapy. I generally am a sunscreen nut but in the winter, I tend to be less careful so I can get my allotted sunlight. Try using a lower SPF. I do not advocate a tanning bed. TANNING IS BAD!!!!

2. A little Vitamin D goes a LONG way. You may have a Vitamin D deficiency. This also happens when you don’t get much sunlight as well. Have your Vitamin D tested. The normal range  is between 34 and 100 if I believe. If it is close to the low end, start taking a Vitamin D supplement. There are also lotions with Vitamin D but avoid the ones with perfumes and dyes. It could make it worse. You can also get Vitamin D oil, it will help with the painful dry and cracking.

3. Injury = flare up. This may not be in the lease bit scientific but I noticed when I break the skin or get a deep cut, I generally seem to get a small spot of psoriasis there. Maybe not right away, but sometime during the healing process especially if there ends of being a scar there. Try not to abuse your skin.

4. Moisturize. Happy skin and healthy skin has less flare ups than dry stressed out skin. Drink lots of water and use a perfume and dye free lotion regularly.

5. Allergies aggravate psoriasis. If you are reading this, you probably have at least 1 or more food allergies and/or auto immune diseases that cause an allergic reaction. My advice, GET TESTED!!!! I also have a dairy allergy and if I eat dairy, I get a flare up. I am sure there are others that will aggravate it as well. Because of Celiac, I do not eat anything with gluten in it, but when I did, my skin was a mess.

6. Healthy diet = Healthy body. This sounds the same as don’t eat food you are allergic to but it isn’t. I have a food theory crap in = crap out. I feel the healthier you eat, the better your body performs. This does not mean rush out and become vegan (I DO NOT ADVOCATE A VEGAN DIET FOR MOST PEOPLE) but eat lots of green veggies and fresh fruit. Try buying organic fruits and vegetables. Try eating whole grains instead of “white” products. Purchase meats that do not use hormones, antibiotics, and other scary stuff. Buy “wild” fish and stay away from farm raised. You will feel better and your body will be happier.

7. Stress is BAD! Stress will cause flare ups. If you are feeling a bit stressed, do something you enjoy or take a walk, take a bath (my trick) or go to the gym. Seriously, it sounds silly but during finals, my skin was ALWAYS worse.

8. If all else fails, Drug Therapies. I am not a big fan of prescription meds, but sometimes, you have to go there. I have found Clobex to be by far the best psoriasis drug ever for me. Most dermatologist I speak to have never heard of it. I swear by it. Sadly, its super expensive (about $300 a spray bottle) and most insurance doesn’t cover much but it lasts forever. I have had bottles expire before they run out.

I welcome all comments, tips, feedback, and suggestions on this article. Everyone’s situation is different and certain treatments work for different people. Please share and help someone else who might be struggling with psoriasis like you.


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