Udi’s – A Newcomer to the Gluten-Free market

Let me start by saying I LOVE Udi’s. I have been putting off writing anything extensive about Udi’s products until I had a chance to sample a range of their gluten-free goodies. Now that I have tried their bagels, both their white and whole grain bread, muffins, and cinnamon rolls I can say truthfully these are the best products to have come out in quite a while.

The bagels and sandwich breads are good enough to eat without toasting. Their white bread makes great PB & J as well as grilled cheese sandwiches which, until now, were a bit of a let down with other breads.

The cinnamon rolls didn’t pass the Joe test (he said they weren’t much like them) but to me, they were fabulous; spongy and cinnamon-y and the icing was perfect.

I highly recommend if you haven’t had Udi’s already, to check out their products. If you are in the LI area, Wild by Nature, Whole Foods, and Fairyway carry these products.


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  1. Deborah
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 16:48:00

    Hi, I just found and purchased a few Udi’s products at Whole Foods here in San Antonio. I bought bagels, bread, pizza crust and cinnamon buns. The bagels are great and so is the bread – finally a bread that doesn’t double as a hockey puck. I have not yet tried the pizza crusts but I can say I did not like the cinnamon buns. They had a moldy taste to them but perhaps I got a bad batch. Since they were like $8 for 4, I will take them back. It’s too bad the prices for these items is so high but then again, most gluten-free food items are much more expensive than the regular gluten filled stuff.
    If anyone reading this is in the San Antonio area, please know that there is a 100% gluten-free restaurant here called Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe. Google it for their menu. Their pizza is TDF!


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