La Vana in Rockville Centre – A Cuban dud

This place is not gluten-free but gluten-free friendly. Its always a challenge to eat with your gluten consuming friends but Casey is a rare exception that makes it easy to deal with. With decided on La Vana after a long day because she and I both love Cuban food. We were a bit let down.

We sat for 10 minutes waiting for anyone to come to our table and bring us just a glass of water. I finally decided to get our own menus from the bar so we could order. We were offered bread with our meal (for Casey) which never seemed to materialize. We ordered a tamale to share which turned out to be frozen in the center and warm on the outside. She ordered the beef which was quite good and I ordered the pork which was also good. The problem came with the rice and beans. They were just bland. No spice, no real flavor. The yuca was the best thing in the meal, hot and garlicky (the sauce has no gluten in it).

Overall, I have had better Cuban food in many places and the service just made this meal a 4 on a scale of 10. They were really accommodating when I explained them about no gluten so they do get points for that.

La Vana
65 N Village Ave
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 208-3768
no website


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