Holiday Farms in Roslyn Heights – A surprise find

I wasn’t expecting much when I went into Holiday Farms in Roslyn Heights, Long Island. All I needed was some Greek yogurt, Chobani (not for me), and some Lay’s Light chips; an easy find at any grocery store. Being gluten and dairy-free, I always tend to glance when I walk through a store and take a mental inventory of the quality of product. I happened to walk through the freezer case and found tons of dairy-free ice cream choices, Amy’s organics, and more than a few gluten-free selections as well. They advertise Boar’s Head cold cuts (also known GF) and I saw Annie’s Gluten-Free Bunnies cookies.

This store is a little gem for those with food allergies that I had not previous known about. I didn’t do a full survey of all the isles but from what I saw, this place carries products I normally have to travel to a health food store to find. Definitely a good place to shop.



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