Bare Naked Bakery and Cafe – Bellmore, NY

Bare Naked Bakery is located in Bellmore, Long Island on Merrick Road. I happened upon this place while driving back from getting my hair done and had to stop in. I saw this place being built a few months ago and was unaware that it had opened. Apparently, it opened in late July or early August 2010. This is the first dedicated gluten-free bakery in Long Island as far as I know.

I love bagels and its near impossible to find a good gluten-free one. I had the toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and a bag of the bagel chips. The bagel was soft and chewy and just the right texture. They were very stingy with the cream cheese though (lucky I don’t like a lot of cream cheese). Sadly, the bagel chips were horrible. They were akin to a cross between cardboard and rubber and super greasy. Do not try these and waste your money.

In the future, I look forward to trying more of the products they have to offer when I am in the neighborhood which include paninis, pizza, and a ton of baked goodies. They even make custom cakes to order for birthdays and special events.


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