Seitenbacher Gluten-Free Golden Ribbon Pasta

On first glance, the idea of having pasta like egg noodles totally excited me. After trying this product, I sadly have to qualify my latest find as mediocre at best. In a pinch,this pasta is fine and I don’t want to disqualify it as being a decent representation of pasta but there are other products out on the market that make a better version.

Steinenbacher for all my research appears to be a Germany company with distribution in Central Florida in the 727 area code which is why I only seem to find it when I go down to Tampa. Their product is quite different from the normal white/brown rice pastas most companies put out; they consist of cornstarch and corn flour. They are, unfortunately, higher in calories than most of the other pasta substitutes out there. I cooked the pasta exactly to the directions on the package and the outside edges of the pasta seemed to cook better than the center that seemed to be a bit underdone.

They make other gluten-free products that can be seen here but I have yet to try anything other than the Golden Ribbon. Overall, not exceptional but acceptable.


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