My latest trip to Risotteria…

I found myself in the West Village hungry with time to kill so I decided to stop by Risotteria, a famous NY eatery for the gluten challenged is located at 270 Bleecker Street, between 6th / 7th Aves NYC 212.924.6664. This is not my first time (an never my last) that I ate here. I have to warn my readers that going during typical lunch or dinner times may proove troublesome because of the small seating area and the long wait. This is not to discourage you, simply to let you know lunch at 2pm at Risotteria is a much better idea than lunch at noon.

I had pizza as always and they made it special for me swapping out the mozzarella with goat cheese instead. The breadsticks that come out before the food (they are bottomless if you keep eating, they keep feeding) have a hint of cheese and are lovely and crispy. The pizza dough is thin crust and fabulously crispy and the topping are rich and tasty. This trip was more notably about the tables around me. When I eat alone (especially in a gluten-free advertised place), I like to listen to the people around me and their stories.

Two seats away was a mother a daughter from Ann Arbor, MI on vacation who have some a gluten-free restaurant in their area but it didn’t seem like anything spectacular. The little girl was about 10 and the table next to me was talking about how tough it must be to be a child and have Celiac’s. I couldn’t even imagine! Its tough in my 30s to stay on the path. All the things I remember about childhood food are pizza parties (a no-no), cupcakes (no way), school lunches (not if you don’t want to be sick for days), mac n cheese from the box (thank god for Annie’s GF mac n cheese), and the list goes on. If being a teenager doesn’t make you feel like a freak already, Celiac’s is a sure recipe to screw up your teen years and make you feel like a mutant. Her mom was amazing (I talked to them a bit) and did a lot to make her feel as normal as possible. This was quite the experience to remember. Kids have it worse.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deb Pouliot
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 13:58:26

    I’m lucky to have tried certain things (food) before I knew I could no longer have them. HOWEVER I can also imagine having not endured the illness/fatigue/headaches/lost days, not to mention damage to my small intestine that gluten has caused me to suffer from. I think I’d like my days lost to gluten back…


  2. Drinkin & Riding
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 17:25:08

    You just reminded me of something the little girl said. She doesn’t remember anything with gluten it in and when she tries it, it tastes weird. Oh, I would love to feel that way.


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