No one should live without chocolate cake- or – Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Cake Mix

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I have to say, I was excited to hear that a mainstream food company has come out with a gluten-free version of their cake mix. Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix; Betty, you go! ABOUT TIME! Another pro, everything on the table is recognizable; no 15 syllable chemical to make it not taste like s**t. The fat and calories are surprisingly reasonable given that anyone who eats gluten-free knows they pack it with fat and calories to increase the taste. Now, I live in the little town of Malverne, NY population something like 5,000. I can walk to Cross Island Fruits and not break a sweat but I never expect to find gluten-free goodness somewhere as small as Cross Island. Yet, today, I found they carry Betty Crocker gluten-free products, mostly I guess because of the brand.

Today, I discovered, tomorrow, I bake! I will keep you posted on the results from the gluten and non-gluten challenged alike.

So, I found, I got excited, I baked….CUPCAKES!!!!!

I couldn’t help myself and ate one hot out of the oven which was sensational!!! Warm, gooey, chocolate cakey goodness. I let the rest cool and iced them all in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry icing and used gluten-free toppings on them. Just a heads up GF people, Betty Crocker’s icings are GF!  They were so pretty when they were done and along with a batch of regular cupcakes I made, I brought all of them to the fire department for a clam bake they were having.

The guys at the fire department are well versed in gluten-free and are super careful with me when they cook so the least I could do was bake cupcakes right? I mixed the gluten-free with the regular ones and let everyone chow down. Only I knew the gluten free ones were smaller than the regular ones. The only comment that I got was the Betty Crocker GF cupcakes were more solid and denser than the regular ones. The ones with gluten were spongier. Overall, I give them two thumbs up.

I made the recipe 100% by the rules on the box but I would in the future attempt to use vegan spread instead of butter or egg substitute instead of regular eggs. A little research on the internet says both of these variations come out quite successful.


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