Longhorn’s Saloon and BBQ in Rockville Centre, NY

One word, DON’T. Another word, GROSS.

Longhorn’s Saloon and BBQ is probably some of the worst bar b q I have ever had. This is saying a lot because of all my years on the road. I tried the wings during the 25 cent wing special and tried to bar b q flavor. The taste of the sauce wasn’t all bad but the wings were a little on the scrawny side and when they offered honey-flavored I assumed they would cook it into the sauce, instead they gave me a dish of honey which didn’t turn out all bad but definitely not a strong plus in their favor. For dinner, I had the Carolina Pulled Pork Platter which was horribly disappointing. I ordered it without the bread and they brought it anyway. The pork was saucy but at the same time the meat was dry as hell and lacked any flavor. I imagined if pulled pork came out of a can, this is how it would taste. The Bar B Q sauce on the table did something to help it. The fries were covered with their “28 spices” but even those lacked flavor and tried to make up for it in heat. Joe had the burger and onion rings which he claimed taste “kind of like they came out of a grocery store freezer.” The cole slaw was the crowning achievement of ick. It wasn’t cold even though it had mayo, doused with the “28 spices” which made it just taste horrible, and was on the verge of going spoiled.

Overall, this place should be closed the food was so bad. I get better food at the dinner down the road. Oh yeah, and to top it off, the food gave me a touch of food poisoning and I puke when I got home and felt horrible for days.


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