Banana Leaf Thai and Sushi Bar – A Hidden Gem

Nested in the heart of Pasadena in South St. Pete is Banana Leaf Thai and Sushi Bar located at 1301 Pasadena Ave. S St Petersburg FL. This unassuming little shack directly across from Ted Peter’s is not much to look at from the outside; it is reminiscent of a broken down tiki bar. On the inside, everything changes. It is beautifully and lushly decorated with rich polished wood and elegant decorations.

Karen and I dined like kings for next to nothing. I had the Tom Kha Gai and Chicken Panang Curry spicy but not Thai spicy. The soup was rich and flavorful and spicy enough to make my tongue feel like its vibrating; one of the perks of spicy Thai food. Karen had the Chicken Massaman Curry which was equally tasty. Rice is one simple thing that can make or break a meal. If its too dry or too overcooked, it defeats the perfection of the rest of the food. The sticky rice was perfect! I could have made a meal out of just that.

Sadly, this place was almost empty when we ate there. I hope more people discover this little place and keep it busy for a long time to come.


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