An Ode to Midtown Sundries

Oh Midtown, where ever I go, I constantly compare your burgers and chicken wings to others. Only a few compare.

I first tried Midtown Sundries in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL close to a decade ago when my friend Taj was a bartender and a server there. Their food was mediocre but over the next few years, they elevated their burgers and chicken wings to Gold Star status. This is the burger and chicken wings I compare all else too. The chicken wings are atypical; grilled and not saucy yet perfectly spicy with a crunchy outer skin. These tasty bites are safe for people with a gluten problem as well. I confirmed not only with the waiter, but also the manager and kitchen staff and of course tested them on myself.

The actual place is a sports bar with immaculately maintained pool tables and a beautiful bar centered in the middle. The bar is ideally located a few short blocks from all the bars and clubs in Downtown St. Pete but one would have no reason to leave this bar. The drinks are very affordable and the setting is fun to drink in even though the pool table rental is a bit pricey. The food is just the icing on the cake!

The staff at Midtown are quite happy to bend over backwards to accommodate eaters with special needs. I have ordered at one time a burger with no bun, fries extra crispy, a salad with no croutons and no cheese, but can you please put the bun in a box (I split the burger with a friend). They never flinch or act like I am being a pain. This is why I love them. Too many times, I get servers who make me feel uncomfortable because I can’t get exactly what is on the menu; LIKE THIS IS A FUN CHOICE! Oh yeah, and almost all the wait staff as well as the kitchen staff is well versed in food allergies.

If you happen to be in this little town, I highly recommend stopping by Midtown, you will get an amazing meal and the prices are great!


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