May 14th – Buzzcocks and Bomb Scares – NYC style

May 14 was The Buzzcocks at Irving Plaza in NYC. This is a show not to be missed. The Buzzcocks are one of the iconic bands that one must see at least once in a lifetime before one of the members dies. They have been around a while so who knows when one will go the way of so many great musicians.

I got out of work earlier than expected and headed down to our favorite Thursday spot. I wanted a bite to eat before hitting up Otto’s Shrunken Head to see our iconic bartender Mishelle Meow. I was craving sushi and decided to check out a new place Oyama on 1st Ave between 11th and 12th Street. I sat at the sushi bar and ordered a green tea and off the menu. The sushi chef was quite accommodating when I asked for a specialty roll not on the menu. All I had to tell him was no tobiko, no soy sauce, and I love salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and eel and he made me two rolls special order and a few pieces of sashimi. The food was great and service was good too. Another great choice, I would totally come back again and its near Irving Plaza and Otto’s.

Next, off to Otto’s. I met my friend Rodney there for Punk Rock Happy Hour and a couple of cocktails before The Buzzcocks. Our favorite and well-known bartender Mishelle Meow as always hooked us up with super strong super amazing drinks. If anyone has a chance and love punk rock and drinking, Otto’s is a MUST!!

Off to The Buzzcocks! We walked over to Irving around 11 to find 13th blocked off and a cop suggesting “you might want to take a different street.” We had no idea what that meant but we joked around about drug busts and stuff as we went to Irving Plaza. We start figuring something is going on as we get to the venue with all the cops but we were drunk so whatever. In the infamous words of Rodney, ” bomb scare? but can we still see the Buzzcocks?” to the police.

The show was great as most of them are at Irving Plaza. This is probably one of my favorite venues in the city to date. We drank to much, laughed to much, and took a ton of silly pictures. We also ran into an LI friend of mine, Jeff from Two Man Advantage, who got stuck in the city because of the bomb scare. After the show, the streets were blocked and taped of and we had to walk behind police lines to leave the venue. The subways were shut down and getting out of Union Square was like impossible. I think. Sort of. I was kinda drunk. We did a lot of walking to find another bar where Rodney’s friend worked but when we got there it was closed and we ran into her leaving. Back to Union Square. Still a mess. Off to Penn.

When we got to Penn, I had an hour until my train left so we stopped at a bar on 8th Ave between 30th and 31st Street called The Blarney Stone. This is a sweet little Irish bar near the train station which is a perfect place to wait out a train. I had my typical Stoli and seltzer and Rodney had a Magner’s Cider. Normally, I can’t drink anything bottled in bars because of Celiac’s but the bartender let me read the label and all was safe. It was like yummy spicy apple juice. Amazing!

We hauled ass to the train station and I made it home in one piece. Great night!


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