Windham Mountain, Snowboarding, and GF

Recently, Joe and I took a trip to Windham Mountain to stay for a few days after the mountain got a record 7 FEET of snow in a week. The condition were said to be phenomenal and they did not disappoint. We stayed at this cute in called Albergo Allegria just a mile away from the mountain. This place is a charming little in with cute, spacious rooms and a great breakfast served each morning. This place definitely is so far my favorite place to stay in Windham but with one problem. The beds are horrible. It would have been more kind to give us plywood or let us sleep on the floor. I have become spoiled with my Sleep Number bed, but even Joe agreed that these were the worst beds EVER. The hospitality and almost made up for the discomfort.

The first morning, we were given coffee, omlettes, bread products (none for me), and a choice of 3 or 4 items off the menu. I have to mention that this place even makes accommodations for food allergies if you call ahead. Click here to find out more. The pantry is open 24 hours for all guests and everyone is allowed to keep food in the fridge. They made no fuss even accommodating me without previous notification.

Thursday was our first day on the slopes and they were virtually empty.  No waiting in the life lines, no dodging people. Neither I nor Joe had ever been to Windham when the entire mountain was open. There was no trail closed. The black diamond area under the lift to the right of the mountain looked easy enough from the lift so I went around the mogul area at the top of the mountain and cut across to the area under the lift. I didn’t realized that these were mini-moguls and totally got torn up but made it through. I would be paying for that tomorrow.

At lunch, I ordered my typical hamburger no bun with lots of ketchup and the guy serving the burgers at the outdoor grill automatically knew I had Celiac’s. He explained to me he had recently been diagnosed, in his 30s no less, at about the same time as his 9 year old daughter. It always makes me feel like less of a freak to hear that I’m not the only one who had this problem magically appear in her 30s with no warning signs. He even explained his symptoms were almost identical to mine: loss of memory, extreme fatigue, loss of motor skills, pain in his entire body. He told me The Wheelhouse, the cafe mid-mountain at Windham had some gluten-free bread and was accommodating to GF diets. I left that adventure for tomorrow.

At night, we decided to check out this bar in town called Cave Mountain Brewing Company. I love bar food but bar food doesn’t always love me. I was excited when the cook saw my order and came out and asked if I had a gluten problem. He explained to me that he would use all separate utensils, bowls, and cooking equipment. I ordered the chicken wings (one of the favs), a side Caesar salad (hold the croutons) in place of fries, and a burger (no bun) with sauteed onions. Great food, no sickness.

The next day, my boss met us on the mountain. I was sooo sore from the bed and the day before that I could barely make it down the mountain. In typical me fashion, I toughed it out and played through the pain. I would regret this in the next few days. My boss is an excellent skier and both Joe and I had a hard time keeping up with him. After a while, we broke away from him and did a few runs together. Toward the end of the day, we stopped at The Wheelhouse for a snack and found out their gluten free selection is quite limited. This is the run down: the burgers are safe with no bun, the hot dogs are NOT safe, there are some sandwiches that can be made with GF bread.

After the mountain, I decided to take one for the team and go to Messina’s (5658 Rte 23 Windham, NY 12496), an Italian restaurant off the mountain. Anyone who is GF knows, Italian=torture but I endure for Joe from time to time. There are plenty of non-pasta selections at this restaurant as it is not a true Italian restaurant. I ended up having the caprese salad and a steak which was fine for me. Again, not a stomach issue, so all was well.

We drove home that night rather than sleep in the horrible bed again. Not a bad trip.


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