Valentine’s Day (Early) and Frank’s Steaks

Because Joe travels so much, we have often had to change the days of our holidays together. This time, Valentine’s was on February 13th. I am a lover of all things steak and last New Year’s we went to Morton’s. This year we decided to stay by the house and tried Frank’s Steaks, a smallĀ  house-like restaurant located in Rockville Center in Long Island at 54 Lincolm Avenue.

For the special they were offering mussels with white wine sauce (which I tried) and Joe had the Mozzarella and Tomato salad. The mussels were ok but I have had better; they sort of tasted like they were frozen. The salad was good; the tomatoes were ripe but the mozzarella was a bit runny, almost sort of waterlogged. Order the mussels without the garlic toast that comes with it to make it gluten-free.

For dinner I had their Romanian Skirt Steak (medium rare) and creamed spinach and Joe had the New York Strip Steak (medium) and Roasted Garlic Potato Puffs. My steak was amazing, juicy and sweet with a great texture. The cook assured me that none of the spices had wheat in them and my stomach confirmed that 24 hours later. The creamed spinach was pretty good and just the right amount of salty for me (also safe for Celiac’s). Joe’s steak was a bit bland when compared to mine probably because it wasn’t marinated. It had a good flavor with tasty seasoning but not my thing because it was cooked too much. He really like the Potato Puffs (a no no for Celiac’s) and ate them more than the steak. We were stuffed so no desert for us!

Overall, a pretty good dinner in all. I would definitely go back for the Romanian Skirt Steak and Creamed Spinach.


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