Tim Burton and Burger Joint

Entrance to museumMonday, after work, my boyfriend and I stopped by the infamous Burger Joint and Le Parker Meridien hotel. This place is well-known for their burgers and fries. It hides behind the curtain on the left behind the reception deskĀ  of an extremely upscale hotel. Burgers and fries are in my top ten favs of all time. I have been here before, drunk, but as we know, everything is amazingly better when you are drunk.

The burger and fries were just as tasty as I remember. They were very accommodating with my request of no bun (go celiac’s). The burgers were extremely juice and the fries crispy and wonderful. All the food was served on paper plates and in paper bags (not the most green friendly). It was around 2pm when we arrived and we scored the last few booth available. There were a few bar stools available, but they are not the most comfy. The place is really small so if you go at a peak time, it may be difficult to find a seat.

Negatives: The only downside of this place is the price. Cheeseburgers are $8 with all the toppings, quite a high price for a small cheeseburger and an additional $4 for what would be a small fries.

Pros: The burger and fries had no effect on my very sensitive Celiac stomach. The meat is amazing. The surroundings are completely out of place in this upscale hotel, a wonderful little surprise in Midtown Manhattan.

Stand Outs: The walls are covered with sharpie signatures of famous people who ate/love Burger Joint. I saw Missy Elliot, Paris Hilton, Howie Mandel and many others at my booth in the corner.

Next, we walked to the MOMA to see the Tim Burton special exhibit. We had timed ticket (a suggestion for this special exhibit) which meant that there would be a limited number of people allowed in at one time. This is the biggest gimmick EVER. The place was crowded and there was no timed admission at all. It was difficult to enjoy many elements of the show because of the amount of people and I got stepped on and kick by more than one tourist. This was at an off time; DO NOT attempt to go on a busier time like the weekend.

Burton’s personal drawings were interesting to see. I was fascinated to see the process behind his final creations such as his preliminary sketched for Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice. The models, costumes, and and props from the movies were my favorite. The costume for Johnny Depp from Edward Scissorhands looked like it fit a small child.


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